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Southeastern Land Company, Inc. (SLC) is an easement acquisition and project management firm licensed in South Carolina and North Carolina specializing in obtaining rights-of-way and easements, as well as fee simple acquisition, for utilities, municipal, county, federal and state governments, as well as the telecommunication and cable industry. SLC also provides complete project management, including cost studies, survey, title abstraction, litigation, appraisal, review appraisal and expert witness testimony. All of our Agents are highly trained real estate professionals.

SLC works primarily in the electrical utility and infrastructure fields acquiring easements and supporting services for distribution projects, electrical transmission projects, utility relocations for highway widening projects, storm water drainage projects, utility aerial to underground conversion projects, road projects, beach renourishment and routing cost studies. SLC has completed projects for almost all of the electrical transmission providers in the State of South Carolina and part of North Carolina as well as distribution projects for some of the Cooperatives. These projects have supported the client directly or the respective Cooperative.

SLC has also completed numerous aerial to underground conversion projects for Cooperatives, State and privately-owned utility companies all along the South Carolina Coast and Low Country thru the municipal Franchise Agreements with the electrical utilities. SLC has also completed stormwater drainage and beach renourishment projects in Horry County in coordination with local, County and Federal Agencies.

SLC has successfully administered and completed land acquisition projects being funded with federal funding and being subject to the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970 (PI 91-646, as amended) such as Reach 1 and Reach 2 of the City of Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach Renourishment Project (Army Corps of Engineers) and the City of Myrtle Beach Booker T. Washington Drainage Project (HUD), the Allendale County Airport Expansion Project under the Airport Improvement Program (FAA) and the Regulations of the Office of the Secretary of Transportation as well the Hurricane Floyd -Horry County Home Purchase Project (FEMA).

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Our Services

We offer complete easement acquisition services from identifying ownership to document preparation to negotiations to recording.
We offer consulting services to advise our Clients exactly how and what will be required to complete a project within budget and on time.
We offer complete project management from beginning to end, including survey, legal, appraisal, acquisition, construction, damage claims and litigation.
We offer Fee Simple land acquisition services for all types of projects ranging from stormwater retention ponds to electric substation sites to fire/police facilities.
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