Company Profile

We offer a highly trained staff with expertise in all types of fee simple and easement acquisition on all levels. No matter what type of project, utility or schedule, we’ve got the Team!

Personnel Classifications

Right-of-Way Field Supervisor
Ten or more years of field project management. The supervisor is experienced and proven in all levels of right-of-way and land acquisition projects. Projects are directed according to the client's policies, schedules and budgets.
Senior Right-of-Way Field Agent
Ten or more years of right-of-way acquisition experience at a supervisory level. The agent can effectively perform all tasks associated with right-of-way acquisition, negotiations, limited appraisal and valuation, accurate and complete property titles and abstracts, survey permitting, damage claim settlement and expert witness testimony in condemnation proceedings.
Right-of-Way Field Agent
Agent has at least five years experience and has performed all basic functions to include negotiations, limited appraisal and cost studies, accurate and complete property titles and abstracts and survey permitting.